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At Risk Kids: A Road Map to Intervention

Summary: Children of poverty often need more intensive services to succeed in school; a blueprint for doing so out of the University of Oregon School of Education merits a review.

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School Reform: Once Again A Tale of Teacher Power

Summary: Amid the relative merits of “direct instruction” and “inquiry” approaches to curriculum, a narrative emerges that suggests teacher empowerment may be the more important variable. In the ongoing assault on school dysfunction, debate rages between those who advocate “direct … Continue reading

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School reform: The Teacherpreneur and the Center of the World

Summary:  Is “teacherpreneur” a re-branding of the classical role of teacher? The term and role of “teacherpreneur,” which has gained traction in the educational media and via Barnett Berry’s new book of the same name, strikes me at once as … Continue reading

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Charter Schools and the Selling of Short Term Teachers

  Summary:  How is it that young charter teachers achieve results comparable to their more experienced traditional public school brethren, and why do so many in both camps leave teaching so prematurely? Whether or not any charter iteration creates a … Continue reading

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School Reform: The Finnish Reinvention of Teaching — A Tale of Revolution in Culture

Summary: A central feature in the successful reform of Finnish schools has been the placement of teachers at center stage, as professionals on a social par with doctors and lawyers, and with autonomous responsibility for the academic growth of their … Continue reading

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School Reform: “Finnish Lessons”

Summary: Some characteristics of Finnish school reform give perspective to similar American efforts to change, particularly in the autonomy granted to teachers, the trust of whom is grounded in rigorous preparation and a successful lure of top students into the … Continue reading

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Schools: A Changed Perspective

Summary: On the cusp of the end of a career in schools and the onset of a blog infested retirement, some meditations on the changed perspective the shift in life imposes. And a plea for stories, please. This summer I … Continue reading

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