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How Charles Dickens and Oscar Wilde Ganged Up on Me – A Lesson in Bureaucracy

His mother glared at me. She struggled to control her tone… Continue reading

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The Two Headed Being in American Education

Ironically, charters have brought to scale and intensity ideas that arose out of research and inconsistent implementation in those nasty public schools. Continue reading

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School Reform and the Demise of the Bureaucrat

Summary: The transformation of Foster High School into a functioning academy for a largely immigrant multicultural population, with improved graduation rates, strong math scores, and a peaceful campus is a study in how communication and respect can melt away the … Continue reading

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Charter Schools: Russakov’s The Prize, and Lessons from Newark

Summary: Dale Russakov’s tale of the assault by reformers on Newark Schools is a saga of conflict, righteous myopia, entrenched interests, unintended consequences, upheaval in neighborhoods, grudging progress, and a rending of social fabric; yet in the end no easy … Continue reading

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School Culture: The “Disagreeable Giver” and the Culture of Continuous Improvement

Summary: Can evidence of successful leadership style in the corporate world be transplanted to schools and kick start a culture of continuous improvement? Do nice guys and gals finish last and ultimately assholes prevail in the race to the mantle … Continue reading

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Charter Schools: The Search for the Golden Mean

Summary: After lagging behind other parts of the country in establishing charter schools, the state of Washington is poised to enter the arena after enabling legislation was passed via a recent initiative. An article in the Seattle Times which explores … Continue reading

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School Bureaucracy: Behind the Walkout at Garfield High

Summary: The common practice in school districts that adjusts student-teacher ratios a month into school retards the learning process, distracts teachers and counselors from more important work, and in the end simply harms students, some more than others. The practice … Continue reading

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