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Si, Se Puede; a Hopeful Slice of School Change and Its Politics

The truth secured to the underbelly of the myth is that prior privilege abides, and whites and accumulated wealth perpetuate; the poor and citizens of color are excluded from the spoils by institutional rigidities and other illness in the fabric. Continue reading

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The Immigrant Lesson: It’s About the Future

A lot can be learned from current immigrants to this corner of the earth. Continue reading

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Charters: Discriminatory Suspension Patterns Linked to Focus on Test Scores

Summary: A new study out of UCLA finds that charters suspend African-American and disabled students far more frequently than whites and non-disabled students. While charters are designed for innovation, they have succumbed to some of the exclusionary tactics for which … Continue reading

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School Reform and the Demise of the Bureaucrat

Summary: The transformation of Foster High School into a functioning academy for a largely immigrant multicultural population, with improved graduation rates, strong math scores, and a peaceful campus is a study in how communication and respect can melt away the … Continue reading

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