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At Risk Students: Stress and the Legacy of Poverty

Summary: While the parent/child cocoon is the seat of cognitive growth according to attachment theory, disruption to that relationship within the stresses of poverty can also mean low income students’ frontal cortex does not develop optimally, which becomes a liability … Continue reading

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Housing Disorder, Poverty, and Test Scores

Summary: Poverty and serial housing destabilize the school fortunes of children from poor neighborhoods and stymie the battle to improve their academic skills.  Promising political developments, economic insights and human resilience contribute hope to the schoolhouse.

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School Reform: Tough to Measure and Hostage to Heightened Poverty

Summary: What is the report card on school reform? Test scores, mediocre at best, are too narrow a measure, though useful. Project based deep learning and interventions that motivate students are important, but difficult to measure. Increasing poverty and income … Continue reading

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African American Student Skill Deficits and Voices from the Black Community

Summary: With African American academic scores continuing to lag behind their white counterparts, and with the US seemingly sinking back into residential re-segregation, it is beyond time for whites to listen more closely to the consistent messages poorly heard from … Continue reading

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Notes from a Hopi Reservation, an American Story

Summary: A brief story of the perseverance of one man, in his life and with his demons on a reservation in Arizona, casts a useful light on the efforts of our school communities to come to grips with at risk … Continue reading

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Charters: Discriminatory Suspension Patterns Linked to Focus on Test Scores

Summary: A new study out of UCLA finds that charters suspend African-American and disabled students far more frequently than whites and non-disabled students. While charters are designed for innovation, they have succumbed to some of the exclusionary tactics for which … Continue reading

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School Reform and the Demise of the Bureaucrat

Summary: The transformation of Foster High School into a functioning academy for a largely immigrant multicultural population, with improved graduation rates, strong math scores, and a peaceful campus is a study in how communication and respect can melt away the … Continue reading

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