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School Reform: Yes, Put the Principal in Charge, But That Ain’t All

Summary: Moves to give principals the authority to determine who will work in the school building for which they are responsible make sense, but to do so is but one of several interlocking changes that need to proceed together. One … Continue reading

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School Reform: Testing and Data — Does the Tail Wag the Dog? Part A

Summary: Testing and the data collection it produces can be a useful tool in school reform, but serious question persists that in this forest it is too easy to lose perspective, and end up magnifying testing results beyond their legitimate … Continue reading

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School Reform: “Finnish Lessons”

Summary: Some characteristics of Finnish school reform give perspective to similar American efforts to change, particularly in the autonomy granted to teachers, the trust of whom is grounded in rigorous preparation and a successful lure of top students into the … Continue reading

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Schools: A Changed Perspective

Summary: On the cusp of the end of a career in schools and the onset of a blog infested retirement, some meditations on the changed perspective the shift in life imposes. And a plea for stories, please. This summer I … Continue reading

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Charter Schools: The Emerging Lessons

Summary: A review of lessons from charter schools so far unfortunately boils down to more money for staffing to reach at risk kids, and creative changes in the context through which kids approach school, also likely to require more funding. … Continue reading

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At Risk Students: Technology and Improving Student Performance

Summary: Can a new generation of online instruction free teachers to work more closely with at risk students? Some tech types paradoxically champion technology as one key to unlock more resources for education in troubled economic times. Highly qualified individuals … Continue reading

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Schools and Bureaucracy: Reflections on Survival and Other Personal Idiosyncrasies: Part C

Summary: Being the last installment of a series of reflections on long term survival in the belly of the educational beast.….. Despite the relentless bureaucratic monolith, pockets of encouragement and support for individual vision occur, which have helped my longevity. … Continue reading

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