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Schools and Politics: The Feds, the Locals, and School Reform

Summary: As with institutional racism, as with health care, in educational quality the federal government often is the court of necessary remedy where local leadership fails to guarantee equal protection to the disenfranchised. In the recent Conservative Political Action Conference … Continue reading

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School Reform: Can the Gates Foundation Listen to Teachers?

Summary: The Gates Foundation says it is listening to teachers as it calls for a moratorium on the use of Common Core testing to evaluate teachers. A good thing, if true, but meanwhile recent research casts doubt on the use … Continue reading

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At Risk Students: Changes in the SAT Amount to Nothing Useful

Summary: New changes in the SAT serve only to respond to increased market share on the part of the ACT, and distract from the business of improving schools and stimulating at risk students to make use of opportunities before them. … Continue reading

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School Reform: Has the Baby Been Thrown Out With the Bath Water?

Summary: In the tight focus on testing for basic skills and the evaluation of teachers, do we look past issues such as critical thinking and civic education? Every now and then in my personal life I stop and realize I … Continue reading

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