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Yes, Betsy DeVos, Public Schools Do Make Gains

In this new climate where educators anticipate a Betsy DeVos assault on public schools, it is well to publicize success stories in the public school arena Continue reading

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For-Profit Schools Make a Name for Themselves, and It Isn’t a Good One

Experience to this date with for-profit charter schools across the country and in Betsy DeVos’ Michigan indicates this particular free market solution simply doesn’t pencil out where it collides with a public good. Continue reading

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Betsy DeVos, the Force Behind Detroit School Chaos

With apparently good intentions to help kids trapped in “low wattage” schools, Betsy DeVos, a champion of charters and school choice, by leverage of her family’s financial and political clout, has engineered changes in Michigan schools that have lowered their standing, and undercut the viability of Detroit schools. She has been tapped as Donald Trump’s nominee for Secretary of Education. Continue reading

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