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At Risk Students: Warnings from Japan While Congress Fiddles

Summary: The lessons of “slacker” youth in Japan, and chronic economic stagnation there, warns us of the perils of too many underemployed, undereducated youth to longer term economic health, and the role of government in human capital investment. Jack is … Continue reading

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School Bureaucracy: Hierarchy vs. Collegiality

Summary: Further thoughts on hierarchical versus collegial styles in school administration. Having had time to reflect on my post of 10/10/11, School Bureaucracy: A Comparison of Superintendent Styles, a couple more remarks occur to me. Briefly, in an article in … Continue reading

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Schools and Culture: Basic Skills and the Global Economy

Summary: Though we may be making grudging progress on the basic skills of reading, writing, and math, a recent article by Thomas Friedman begs the question, when we will finally be proficient in those basic skills areas, will the train … Continue reading

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