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School Reform: Yes, There Is Some Good News!

Summary: School reform is a long and often discouraging slog. This is a pause to celebrate the many hopeful events and trends that together refresh for the next round. It is time to celebrate positives in the many headed effort … Continue reading

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School Reform: Teacher Entrepreneurs Need Not Apply

Summary: Innovation and entrepreneurship by teachers tend to be dead on arrival because of a broader school culture which favors hierarchical directives. How are teachers to be established as the cornerstone player in a decentralized school culture, as I argue … Continue reading

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School Reform: Testing and Mistaking the Forest for the Trees

Summary: The struggles in our schools will not be won by resort to more standardized testing, but by a recommitment to the central role of the teacher in the classroom. The stories of impactful teachers are legion; the myth of … Continue reading

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School Bureaucracy: More Tales From the Trenches

Summary: A simple tale of a credit retrieval plan provides a thematic setting for structure versus flexibility in school decision making. Kids fail classes mostly because they simply do not do the work, and thereby reveal the whole panoply of … Continue reading

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School Bureaucracy: Hierarchy vs. Collegiality

Summary: Further thoughts on hierarchical versus collegial styles in school administration. Having had time to reflect on my post of 10/10/11, School Bureaucracy: A Comparison of Superintendent Styles, a couple more remarks occur to me. Briefly, in an article in … Continue reading

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